After workout Tabata HIIT

A month  ago I decided to sign up for a half marathon for this coming May.  I have always followed Hal Higdon’s training programs.  I started doing his 12 week program, which I was already a week behind.

Needless to say, running has been the main focus lately.  I am doing 2 shorter runs during the week and one long run on the weekends.  I have been lazy lately and not always working out on the other days during the week.

Today I decided to change it up.  I am going to try to lift weights Monday and Wednesdays and will run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

I found an upper body workout that was posted here previously.  After I thought I would do a little HIIT to get my heart pumping at the end.

Set your Tabata timer for 40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.

Jumping Jacks


Quick Feet



Make it a great day!



Random Act – Police Station

It is Holy week.  My cousin is finishing his college in Kansas.  I thought he would like receiving a card from family around Easter as he is away from home.  I put the card in the mail and hope it arrives this weekend for Easter.

I also decided to bring packs of M&Ms to the police station here in town.  I made a little tag saying thanks and stapled it to the candy.  I put them in a bucket and dropped them off.


I gave them to the same lady as when I brought the Easter cookies a couple of weeks ago.  She remembered me and commented how much she loved the cookies!  Not only did I put a smile on some officer faces, but that comment she gave me for the cookies brightened my day more than she knows.  That is the joy of decorating.  Is hearing how much people love them.  If I could I would make them cookies every week if it put smiles on their faces.


Make today great,


Random Act of Kindness-Library

I have done several random acts of kindness so far in my first week of Doing 35 acts by my 35th birthday.

Alex and I had to go to the library to return books.  He is 2 and loves stickers.  I have a book of Cars stickers that are his favorite at the moment. I took a page of stickers and put them in a baggie with a RAOK card in the back.



I also bought a bag of M&Ms.  I put a couple of packs of candy in a baggie and tied the card around it with ribbon and we sent off to the library.


We were in the kids section getting new books for Alex.  I originally thought of putting the stickers inside a book.  I then saw a lone kids jacket on the table behind us.  I put the stickers on the jacket and then we headed out to the main area.  Hopefully the kid who found them loves the stickers as much as Alex does.

We went in search of a book for me and someone to give the candy to.  I found an older gentleman at the computer.  As we were walking out I had Alex give the man the candy.  He looked confused at first, but I am sure after he read the card he understood what we just did and I hope it put a smile on his face.

I told this to a friend at work the next day. It had inspired her to do something similar.  She went to lunch and bought a gift card.  She gave it to the bartender with a RAOK card and asked him to give it to one of the customers.  He came back shortly later stating she had inspired him and he is now going to do the same for someone else!  How incredibly wonderful is that!  Not only did I affect two lives directly, but now it has touched at least three other people.  This is why I tell my tales. Not for recognition or a pat on the back for doing something nice.  I share these stories in hopes someone else will be inspired to do the same for someone else.

All it takes is one small act to make a difference in the world.

Make it a great day,


Random Act – Gas pump

I had to get gas this morning.  I am that person who just wants to be home at night and ends up needing to pump gas in the morning.  Doesn’t matter if it is -20 below.  I am always that person outside in the morning when it is the coldest.  One morning this winter my hair froze in the 5 minutes of me being outside, that is how cold it was.

So, as I was making my smoothie I remembered I was low on gas and needed to stop.  I am glad I remembered at home because I was able to quick cut out a RAOK sign and grab a baggie and tape before heading out.  I need to get a few cards ready and stash them in my purse for the future when I am out and about.

I had to pass the gas station right outside our neighborhood and drive a mile down to the Kwik Trip as I knew they had gift cards.  I went inside to pay for my gas and bought a $5 gift card.  I put it in the baggie and taped it to the pump before leaving.


It makes me feel good knowing I just put a smile on someone’s face today.  Maybe it is what they were needing to get to work.  Maybe they used it to buy a coffee and a donut.  Who knows.  All I know is I made a difference in the world today.  It doesn’t have to be a huge change, but this one small act will have an impact.

What will you do today to brighten someone’s day?

Make today great,


Bathroom Remodel

We originally painted our upstairs bathroom a light grey color when we first moved in 5 years ago.  I have wanted to update it for some time, but could never decide what to do.

We finally decided on moving forward with it.  Instead of replacing the vanity I thought I would try to paint it.  I have never painted cabinets before.  There are so many different ways out there to do it.  You can do a combination of sanding, priming, painting etc.  This is the main bathroom we use.  This is also the bathroom Alex takes baths in so it couldn’t be under construction too long.


I first painted the walls using Valspar Rugged Suede.  A coat of paint can truly change the look of a room.  The room may be small, but there were a lot of small areas to try to paint around.


Once the paint had dried fully for two days I started on the vanity.  I first started with a bonding primer then used Valspar cabinet paint.



I did not have to sand the wood first which was a big time saver.  I only did one coat of primer.  I probably could have went with two.  I ended up doing three thin coats of the paint.


It only took a half hour each coat for the vanity, but then I did have to wait in between for dry time.


We used the same brushed nickel hardware that was on before.  I bought a new shower curtain and purple towels.  I did end up buying a purple rug to match which is not shown.  I think the shower curtain alone really made a world of difference to the room.



All that is left is finding a shelf to have Paul make and maybe add a sign or two.  Overall, I really liked the cabinet paint, but I couldn’t imagine doing a whole kitchen.  Props to all of you who have done your kitchen cabinets!

Make it a great day!


Random Acts of Kindness

I love Random Acts of Kindness.  It really does lift your heart and spirit.  And it does the same for the person you do it to.  You never know the effect it can have on another person.  What if they are going through life feeling utterly alone and then you ask them how their day is.  That can be a powerful thing and can change their life for the better by that one act.

I hate to say, but I will be turning 35 this July.  It is hard to believe I will be 35 soon.  I have decided to do 35 acts of kindness by my 35th birthday.  I started making a list so I would have some ideas.  At first it was only a list of 9 things and I was a little nervous I wouldn’t make it.  Within the day I had 35 things on my list.  I think this will be easier than I thought.  I have a feeling once this really starts going more and more will come more naturally and I will exceed the original 35.

Some things I knew about such as leave money on a gas pump or bringing cookies to a neighbor.  Other things were new like leave wipes on a changing table or write a letter to an elderly person through Love for the Elderly I am enjoying finding new ways to show kindness to each other.

I will try to update you as I go along these next 3 months.  I will say I already can cross one off my list!  Last night Alex and I went for a walk.  We saw a man walking his dog.  I have never seen him before and normally I would do a friendly smile and be on my way.  Last night we stopped to say hi and ask a couple of questions about his dog.

What will you do this week to make someone smile?  Will it be to hold a door open for someone?

Make it a great day,


Jewelry making

I have found a new hobby.  My husband is going to ban me from entering any store that has crafts in them.

I have always walked by the jewelry section thinking the beads they have are always so pretty and fun.  I decided to look into it and see how it goes.

I first tried a bracelet with stretch cord.  That entailed stringing beads on and then tying knots in the cord.  Then I used clear nail polish as a glue to hold the knots together.  That was it.  Super fast and easy.


I then tried using wire with a toggle clasp.  I first bought some random wire at Wal-Mart.  It kinked a lot!  I was having a hard time and was ready to give up and never make wire jewelry ever again.  I did some reasearch on the wire and found one that was the world of difference.  It moved freely and making loops to go into the crimp beads was a breeze!


Here is how I made the bracelet:

I was at my kitchen counter, so I used a towel to keep the beads from rolling everywhere.


I took one end of the wire and attached one of the toggle clasps.  I used a small crimp bead to secure it on.


Then, I started stringing my beads.


I found this charm at Michaels.


I then finished stringing the rest of my beads.


Once everything was on it was time to attach the other toggle clasp.  I put on a crimp bead then the clasp.  I looped the wire back through the crimp bead and through the first bead.  Once the wire was pulled through to the correct length, I cut the excess wire.  Then I used my pliers to secure the crimp bead.  It was a little more, and there were mistakes made, but I am happy with it.  I can’t wait to see what else I can come up with the wide variety of beads out there.


Make it a great day,