New Beginnings

Today is my last day at my job.  I have made the decision to go to another company.  The process is never fun, but I am excited for what Monday will bring.

Looking for a new job is exciting and stressful all at the same time.  The possibility of finding something better suited or with better benefits is always uplifting.  But trying to find the right match can sometimes be hard.

I remember job searching as a kid.  I would look in the local paper to see what is out there.  Yes, you heard that right, the paper.  There were no online sites to look up jobs.  You would heavily rely on the paper to find listings.  All that really mattered was the pay when you were 20.  If they offered insurance that was a plus.  I never paid attention to the premiums or out of pocket expenses.  To me, it was just what came out of my check every two weeks and how much my copay would be for my once a year doctor appointment.  Job searching when you are 33 is a whole new ball game.  First, where are they located?  You don’t want to drive too far, but some jobs seem to all be located over 20 miles away.   What are the hours?  Do you have to work late/overtime?  Do you want to be stuck in rush hour every day?  And this is the first time I have had to worry about will I make it to daycare in time for pick up every day including the winter months when it takes longer.  Factor in the benefit package.  How much vacation do they offer?  What are the insurance premiums?  What is the coverage and deductible/out of pocket expense?  How is the 401k plan?  How are the people?  Do I think I will be able to get along with the people and be happy there?  Let’s not forget the job itself.  Do I feel like I will be able to do the job and all the various tasks that come along with it?  So many factors to consider as I get older.  It sure makes my head spin some days.

After a lot of praying and many talks with Paul I do believe this change will be good.  I am excited to start this next chapter in my work career.  It has not fully sunk in yet that I will not be coming back to this desk.  To me, it will be hardest to leave the coworkers that I have grown with over the past 1.5 years of being here.


Have a wonderful weekend!



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