Good Morning Sunshine

I love breakfast.  I could eat breakfast any time of the day.  I could eat right when I wake up.  I am not the type who has to wait a couple hours before eating.  I am also a creature of habit, so I tend to eat the same thing every day.

Before I was pregnant, I loved my mornings.  I would wake up an hour before I would need to leave for work.  I would take my time getting ready.  I had the time to do my hair, put make up on.  I would make oatmeal, sit down and read for 10 minutes while eating breakfast.  My routine changed while I was pregnant.  Same routine, but instead I made an egg sandwich and orange juice for the second half of pregnancy. After baby, my routine changed again.  Who has time to sit down and read in the morning anymore!  I nursed for a long time so I would have to wake up at 4am to make sure I had time to nurse, put Alex back down and pump.  Then I would have to rush to take a shower and get out the door.

I have recently stopped nursing, so I have some free time in the mornings.  I still get up at 4am with him and put him back down after a bottle.  But now, I go downstairs and workout for a half hour before getting ready for work.  It is the only time of day I have to get an uninterrupted workout done.  So, naturally my breakfast has changed so I can get protein in after a workout.  I have gone back to making a protein shake.  I make one for Paul and I.  And now, I can drink my breakfast as I start driving to work.  My favorite shake is the Chunky Monkey. So delicious!!!

Chunky Monkey protein shake:

1 cup milk/almond milk

couple ice cubes

1 banana

1 big spoonful peanut butter

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Mix all in a blender and enjoy!

Make it a great day,



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