Upper body Monday

Hello all,

I have made a goal to get back to working out 5 days a week.  I will track my progress so I can see my results this time.

This weekend We went and bought heavier weights.  I just got 10 lbs for now.  I figure my reward for my goal will be to get more dumbbells.  I also picked up some BCAAs this weekend.  I have looked at them for a while and figured I will give it a try.  I sipped on it during my workout this morning instead of having a banana beforehand.


Todays workout was three rounds of three moves.  Complete the first round three times before moving to the next.  I went heavier the last set.

Round 1:

Front shoulder raise

Bicep curl

Tricep kickback

Round 2:

Shoulder press

Static bicep curl

Skull crushers

Round 3:

Steering wheel

Hammer curl

Tricep overhead extension


Happy workout and have a great day!



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