Leg day Tuesday

The ever popular leg day.  Everyone except me loves leg day.  I have been a runner for so long, I have always used that as my lower body workout.  This year I have mainly just been doing sprints on the treadmill, I have not gone out for runs.  And when I have done leg day, I will admit I have not given it my all.  I would either do bodyweight exercises, or light weights.

Today, I decided to use weights for all 5 moves.  There was only 5 moves, so I thought I could do this 5 times.  Ha!  I don’t know what I was thinking this morning.  I focused on getting low in my squats and at a slow and controlled pace.  Needless to say I only made it through 3 rounds.  My goal will be to keep doing this till I get through 5 rounds.  Walking up the stairs when I was finished was interesting.

If you can, go heavy.  But try and keep good form and get low in your squats.  Do at least 3 rounds.


20 squats

10 each leg curtsy lunge (do not alternate legs)

20 sumo squats

20 Russian deadlifts

20 calf raises




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