14 day challenge, week 2

How was week 1?  Did you stick with it?  What was your favorite workout?

It is time to do the second half of the challenge.  We will be doing 6 days of workouts with the 7th day as a rest day again.  Remember, if you want you can go heavier and decrease the number of reps per exercise.

How is your nutrition going?  Are you wanting to eat a little better after working out?  I find the more I work out the less I crave junk food.  I do find meal prepping on Sunday really helps.  It doesn’t take too long to do, and all my lunches are done for the week.  It is so easy to grab and go instead of making lunch at 6am.

We are half way there, you got this!!!

Day 8

chest and back

Day 9

Full body tabata

Day 10

Leg day

Day 11

upper body

Day 12

lower body

Day 13

Cardio tabata


Day 14

rest day




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