Are you a goal setter?  I have never really been one to make goals.  Sure, I have had goals for completing runs but that is about it.  I have been thinking lately and I feel like I need to make a fitness goal.  I always say set small goals because they are more attainable.  But when I think of a fitness goal for myself all I come up with is gain muscle.  That is way too vague and will do me no good.

This week I have given my food more attention.  I am not on a diet.  I do not like the word diet.  I hate the diets that say you only can eat 1200 calories a day.  You need more than that to function people!  Especially if you are working out as well.  How to you expect your body to perform for 30 minutes of exercise if you are not feeding it enough calories for energy?  End rant.  I am doing more of a IIFYM approach.  I am not paying too much attention to my carbs and fat intake as I am my protein.  My goal for the week is to get as close to 1 gram of protein per pound of weight a day.  That is a lot of protein to hit!  I have made it two days so far.  The first day I hit 105 grams of protein before dinner.  Needless to say I was full all day.  I am hoping this will help me achieve my wonky goal of gaining muscle.  Maybe that will be my goal next week.  To come up with a better goal ha!

Make it a great day,



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