500 Series Week 3

How was week two?  Did you make it through all 5 days during the week, or did you miss a workout or two?  If that happens, that is ok!  Don’t beat yourself up for it.  It will happen.  Get back on track the next day.  You can always add Saturday to get in a workout.  Or you could do two in one day; legs in the morning, upper body in the evening.  Do whatever works for your schedule.  I find I am much more able to succeed with workouts if I have it planned out for the week, or at least the night before.  If I go downstairs in the morning and just wing it I have a horrible workout and normally give up before I should.

How is your nutrition?  Are you wanting to eat healthier since you have been working out more?  I feel like the more I workout the more I am able to pass on the small dish of ice cream at night.  Are you trying to add more protein in during the day?  That has been my goal this week.  So far I have done fairly well every day.

Let’s get right to the last week of workouts.  Same routine.  5 rounds of 5 moves, 20 times each.  Hang in there, we are almost done!

Day 1:



Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:

Upper body


Day 5:

Full body

Happy Lifting!



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