Happy Halloween!

This weekend I finally went out and bought candy for the trick or treaters.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  It is a good thing that I waited.  That way I didn’t eat candy all last week.  I also bought the bags of mini candies.  The kids get so much candy they don’t need the big pieces, plus I don’t need the big pieces either.  Let’s be real.  I knew I would eat some once I bought it.

We also have a potluck today here at work.  I made pumpkin cranberry bread.  Yum!!  I don’t make it too often and I now remember why.  There is so much sugar in the recipe I make.  And of course it tastes delicious so I had more than I should have.  You think pumpkin and cranberries, must be good for you, right.  Wrong.  It calls for 3 cups of sugar and will make 3 loaf pans.  You heard that right, one cup of sugar per loaf!  Add the couple pieces of candy that I had on top of that, it’s no wonder why I felt sick last night.  I think next time I should try and make the bread more healthy.  Maybe try adding some applesauce instead of so much vegetable oil.  We will see what I come up with.

Hope you all have a great Halloween 🙂




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