Food for Thought

I have been trying to make healthier choices lately when it comes to food.  Halloween is always a struggle with the candy.  And the holidays are right around the corner.  Like I said before, I am not counting calories, but my biggest concern is trying to get enough protein in during the day.  I am also trying to watch my sugar intake.

I do find that when I have a bad day or get upset I turn to food more than I should.  I notice I reach for the sweets when I am feeling blue for a pick me up.  I am starting to think that food is more dangerous than people think.  Is it an addiction that no one wants to talk about?  Is it a crutch to some just like alcohol is for others?  I do find it is a mental game to overcome cravings.  I do believe it is ok to have a little here and there.  I do think that helps a lot so I don’t completely fall off the wagon and binge on junk food.    I am not saying we should never eat sweets again, but like all things it should be in moderation.  And I should not turn to chocolate if I am having a bad day.  That is not a good coping mechanism at all.

I find the more I workout the more prone I am to not have that fun size candy bar that is sitting on my kitchen table.  I also have taken a bite or two, then threw the rest away so I would not finish the whole thing.  That is my version of portion control.

I came across the quote “Food is fuel, not therapy” yesterday. I really need to plaster it all over the place.


I know nutrition will continue to be an everyday struggle for me.  I do want to keep trying and striving to put good in my body.  I can’t expect my body to perform if it is loaded on donuts and chips all the time.



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