I find I judge myself against others.  I would like to be able to overcome this.  I don’t want to track my progress against another person.  We all have different body compositions.  We all have different lifestyles.  One person may only have 20 minutes a day to walk while another may be able to go to the gym and lift two times a day.  It is comparing apples to oranges.  I want to start comparing myself to my old self after baby.  I cannot compare me now to before Alex, I do not think that would be a good idea at this time.  But I can move forward and work with what I have now and make it better.  Anything is possible.  I do believe my eating habits will play a big part in what I can accomplish.  And I need to stay focused and push myself when I want to stop.

For now, I will be my own inspiration.  I will look at my body and congratulate myself for what I have achieved so far.  I will focus on the positive aspects instead of always looking at the negative.  For this is my body and I should love every part of it.




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