Holiday workout

It’s that time of year.  Time to do some shopping, put up the tree and set out the most adorable holiday decorations. It also means holiday parties, cookie exchanges and eggnog.  Let’s not give ourselves an extra 5 pounds for Christmas this year.  Sure, you can enjoy a spritz cookie, but don’t have 12.  Another thing to watch out for that no one thinks about is alcohol.  It is a tradition for many to have drinks and celebrate.  Remember, there are many empty calories and unwanted sugar in the drinks.  Portion control should be your mantra for the next several weeks.  We don’t want you to undo everything you have been working towards the last few months.

I will lay out a two week schedule for you to follow.  If you want to do 4 weeks, please do!  Just start the two weeks over again.  On the 5th week, change it up.  It’s best to change it up every so often for muscle confusion.  That way you can still get results.  I am going to ask that you do more cardio this time around.  Bike, treadmill, dance party with the kids, whatever you want to get that heart rate up for a while.  I like to do HIIT treadmill after doing lower body to help loosen the muscles.

Week 1

Day 1:  chest, triceps, abs

Day 2:  lower body   *add cardio for 20 minutes

Day 3: cardio tabata

Day 4:  shoulder, back, biceps

Day 5:  full body

Week 2

Day 1: any cardio for 25 minutes and abs

Day 2:  shoulder, back, biceps

Day 3: lower body   *add cardio for 20 minutes

Day 4:  chest, triceps, abs

Day 5:  cardio tabata

Happy Holidays!




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