21 Day Fix Extreme

I was looking for a new way to mix up my workouts and eat healthier.  Lately, I have been trying to make smart choices in the kitchen, but I felt I could be doing better.  I still had candy/chocolate almost daily.  And yes, the protein cookies are still cookies.  I have heard about the 21 Day Fix meal plan before.  I have pinned many things on it.  I was thinking of finding a challenge from one of the fitness ladies I follow and was going to buy the food portion containers from Wal-Mart.

I went on BeachBody, looked at some videos and decided to buy the program.  Why not.  We all know I am not good at making goals, so this will be good to work towards.  I started the videos on Sunday (because I couldn’t wait!).  And I prepped my food so it was ready to go on Monday.  I am following the program for the most part.  It will take time to get used to eating the full servings of veggies.  I prepped my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the 5 days so I am ready to go.  I did the dinners to keep me on track.  The days I don’t feel like cooking I tend to go to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Not the healthiest of choices.


So far I like the workouts that I have done.  I do not plan to see a huge difference, or plan to drop 15 pounds.  I am looking at building a little muscle and learning to make better decisions when it comes to food.  This weekend will be my first challenge.  I have a Christmas brunch Saturday, followed by a Christmas dinner that night.  Then Sunday evening we have Paul’s work Holiday party at a local restaurant.  I will need to make sure I portion control and try to pick the healthiest choices available.

Here is what I have made for my breakfast for the week.  Eggs with broccoli and strawberries.  For the eggs, I scrambled eggs and mixed in cooked broccoli.  Put in a baking dish and baked in the oven.


Have a great day and stay warm,



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