21 Day Fix Extreme review

I have made it the 21 days!  First, let’s talk about my problem area, nutrition. The program has the containers that you portion out for the day.  For me, I was to eat 3 servings of veggies, 2 fruits, 3 protein etc.  I have never been a big veggie eater, so I thought this would be a great way for me to introduce more veggies to my daily life.  I added spinach to my shakes in the morning.  I have always been a fan of spinach, but it makes me bloat which is not fun.  I made eggs with broccoli for my morning snack, that was doable.  The first week I made taco salad with spinach for dinner.  The last week I tried carrots with my eggs, that was not a good choice.  I have a long way to go with veggies.  I think if I keep trying new things, something will stick.  The first week, I was on point with food, the second week I was 92% good, and the third week I was sick and it was Christmas.  I would say I gave up a bit and probably was 70% on point. I do think I was thinking about food constantly that first week.  I still felt hungry and kept counting down till my next meal.  I also did have to have a small glass of chocolate milk before bed every night because I needed something to help the hunger pains so I could sleep.

The workouts:  it is 7 days of workouts.  Your 7th day which is normally a rest day was yoga.  All the workouts are 30 minutes long.  I added the ab workout for 3 days which is an additional 10 minutes.  The workouts were good.  The one thing I do like about these programs are that they incorporate cardio for you.  There are a lot of plyo moves throughout, jump squats and lunges etc.  And let’s not forget the weighted jumping jacks, oh boy!

I think the program is good for learning to portion control your nutrition and making sure you get your fruits and veggies every day.  I don’t see the program being a long term change for me.  I will do the videos again after a while.  It will be a good one to put in the mix.

Have a great day,




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