Upper Body circuit

Today is upper body.  Shoulders, back and chest.  I went heavy again today.  I used the 20’s Paul bought me for Christmas for part of this, oh goodness! When you go heavy, you want the last couple reps to be a struggle.  When lifting weights you are causing tiny tears in your muscles, and when your body is resting it is repairing these tears which creates muscle growth.  And let’s not forget to get enough protein during the day.  It is very important in building muscle.  The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns throughout the day.

We will do the pyramid for part of the first set, so grab all your weights.  When doing the pyramid you want to move from one weight to the next with no rest, just enough time to put the weight down and grab the next set.  Have them all set up before starting.

Round 1:  Complete 3 times

Upright row x12

Bent over row x12

Chest press x12

** for the last set follow the pyramid for each move:  heaviest to lightest weight, 8 reps each weight. (example:  15# x8, 10# x8, 8# x8, 5# x8)

Round 2: Complete 3 times

Bent arm lateral raise x12

Chest fly x12

Round 3: Complete 2 times – resistance band for all three moves

Front raise x20

Back row x20

Chest fly x20

Make sure you are stretching after every workout.  Do not skip this step.

Make today great!



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