Killer Legs

The more I train my legs, the more I look forward to leg day.  Who knew that would happen for me.  I used to hate squats and lunges!  I think it helps that I can see more definition in my legs.

Today you want a variety of weights.  I used a medium weight for part of the first set as a warm up.  After, I switched to my heaviest for a set and then did a pyramid round with all of my weights, heaviest to lightest.  Make sure you have them all set up and ready to go.  That way you can do your 8 reps, put them down and pick up the next set right away with no resting.

Round 1:  complete 3 times

Front squat x12

Curtsy lunge each side x10

Goblet squat x12

Deadlift x12

**After the three rounds are done, complete the following one time in pyramid form.  Heaviest weight to lightest with no rest between.  Example:  20# x8, 15# x8, 10# x8, 8# x8, 5# x8

Front squat x8 per weight

Deadlift x8 per weight

Round 2:  Complete 2 times.  Set your timer for 45 each move

Wall sit

Towel leg curl

Glute bridge


Make today great,



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