Core/Cardio Tabata

I am trying to incorporate more core and cardio into my weekly routine.  I have been slacking lately.  I added this one in yesterday and will do my best to keep it in rotation.

Set your tabata timer for 30 seconds on with a 10 second rest.  You will do the first round two times through for a total of 8 moves.  Rest for about a minute and do the same for the second round, two times through for 8 moves.


*plank pikes can be done three ways.  Regular on the floor, with a towel under your feet, or feet on a stability ball.  You can start regular and as you get more comfortable with them can go to the towel or ball.

*plank holds:  do one side for 30 seconds and the next round do the other side for 30 seconds.

Have fun!



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