Chest and Triceps

Tonight we have my company party.  I had to wake up early so I could get my workout in and still have time to do my hair before work.  It is Alex’s first overnight at the grandparent’s, so I will be busy after work getting him ready and packed. It is chest and triceps day and I really wanted to get a good workout in, but couldn’t get all sweaty from cardio.  I also needed something that would not take 40 minutes, but still be effective.

There are three rounds to this workout.  The first round I completed three times.  For the first set, I used medium weight for a warm up.  The second and third set I went to the next set of weights.  That would normally be my heavy weight that I would use.

The second round is the burnout round.  You only do this one time.  I did my heaviest weight that I could do (the next up from my previous heavy weight).  Do this to failure, till you cannot do any more reps.  Switch out the weights for your lightest weight, not resting between.  Go at a faster pace and complete to failure.

The third round was bodyweight moves.  Complete three times with no rest at all.  This was hard to complete after that burnout round!


This is a fairly fast, but very effective workout.  Don’t forget to get your protein in 30-45 minutes after your workouts.



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