Resolutions and goals

Everyone has been setting New Year resolutions.  Pinterest had life planners all over.  I will admit, I was sucked into the life planner buzz for a day.  Then I realized the only thing I will actually use is the monthly budget sheet.

The life planner did get me thinking.  I have been trying to do some self assessment and growth lately.  No one tells you what a struggle it can be as a mom.  How to hold onto yourself as a wife and friend when your instincts are to be on mom mode 24/7.  I started my motherhood bible study which does help me recognize things as they are happening.  I have been on the hunt for a notebook/journal this past week.  I have found the perfect one.  Disney gets me.  Let it go is my new motto.


I am trying to remind myself that certain things are not important and there is no need to get all worked up over them.  Live in the moment and enjoy life instead of trying to do it all.

I feel people try and set resolutions and goals because they want to change their life.  Why change yourself?  How about instead make adjustments to better your life.  Why do we need to add more tasks to our daily lives?  Why do we not see the need to sit on the floor and play with our kids all night instead of enrolling them in activities as soon as they are able?  How about read a book to our kids instead of trying to make sure our house is spic and span.  In reality, does anyone really care if we have a messy or clean house?

These are the things I want to be more aware of.  I want to be able to enjoy the moments of life and not be stressed and overwhelmed to where I am not having fun.  I need to be better at letting the nap/eating schedule go a little if we are having a family day.  I don’t want Alex to remember how mommy was always stressed whenever we had family outings.

This is not just a New Year resolution, but an all year adjustment.  In time I am hoping it will come easier, but practice makes perfect.

Remember, we are all great.  We are not perfect.  There will always be someone who does something better than us, and that is ok.  As long as we love the ones in our life and enjoy the little moments, life will be good.



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