Birthday cookies

I ordered new decorating tips, books and cookie cutters a couple of weeks ago.  I was finally able to make another set of cookies this weekend.  Cookies take quite a while to make.  There are many, many steps that go into them.  You have to make the dough, then let it sit in the fridge for at least a half hour.  Roll out and bake.  The recipe I have states to let your oven warm for 30 minutes, I make it to about 15 before I get inpatient and put them in.  Let the cookies cool.  For the royal icing, I need to de-grease all my utensils first before every time.  Then, the recipe states to mix for 10 minutes.  After that is done it is time to separate the icing into different bowls to be colored.  Put in bags and I am finally ready to decorate.  Look at all that prep work and time it took to get here and we haven’t even started decorating yet!

Royal icing sets very nicely, but you really have to know what you are doing in what order before you start.  Do you need to do a wet on wet technique? Do you flood the cookie then wait 20 minutes before you can put the next color on?  This time I wrote it all down.  I don’t have that many PME tips, so I wrote down which bags will have certain tips as well.  I have never been this organized with cookies before.


I was discouraged throughout the process this time.  I think it was just not my night.  Did I mention it was at night that I decorated? I started after putting Alex to bed at 7:45pm.  I really should learn to wait till the morning when I am fresh to decorate.  I still think they turned out well.


Till next time,



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