Curly Hair

I have naturally thick curly hair.  I was not a fan of my hair growing up.  As a kid I did not know how to style my curls.  It tended to be big and frizzy.  I learned how to use heat styling tools on my hair.  I even had my friend iron my hair on several occasions.  Yes, an iron  that you would use for your clothes.  Let me tell you, that really made my hair straight.  Needless to say, I did not do anything to care for my curls.

Even in my 20’s and the start of my 30’s I would wash and blow dry my hair every night so I could straighten or curl my hair with a curling iron.  I would tell Paul I wanted pretty hair.  I would get so mad when I would spend 20 minutes in the morning to perfect my hair only to stand outside and the weather would take over my hair and the frizz would set in.

After I had Alex I decided to cut my hair short.  I had it in a ponytail every day when I would get home so it would not get in his face.  And who had the time to style hair anymore, certainly not this new mommy.  Once it was short, I started wearing it curly most days.  I was not happy with my curl, I was just accepting my curly hair.  It would still be frizzy and I was never really happy with it.

I have been thinking lately, what if it is not the curl I don’t like, but the product and the cut I have that makes me not like my hair.  It has been way too long since my last haircut, the shape is no longer there.  I made an appointment with the salon next to my work and will go on my lunch hour later this week.  I have come to realize that is the only way I will get myself to go to the salon at this point.

I also started researching curly hair  and how to manage it.  I came across the Curly Girl handbook  She goes over so much information with curly hair.  The science behind the frizz, the shampoo/conditioners we should/should not be using, how to style our curls etc.  I am on curl overload, but love it!  I used to wash my hair every day after working out which I know is very bad for curls.  And would use shampoo with sulfates followed by conditioner with silicones.  I would let my hair dry a bit in my towel and then would add my mousse.  I have gone over 30 years with curly hair and have never really been shown how to take care and style my hair.

I have come along way in the past week.  And I still have a long way to go.  Here is what I have changed in my routine so far:

I am only going to use shampoo twice a week.  If needed, I can co-wash with just conditioner.  I add the gel when I am still in the shower and scrunch with a flour towel. You can also use a tshirt to scrunch your hair.  Once my hair is completely dry, I shake my hair at the roots and then scrunch to break the gel cast.  This is key.  They state to NOT touch your hair when it is still wet as that adds frizz.  The non wash days I have started to wet my hair till damp and then just add conditioner to help with the frizz.


I also purchased a satin pillowcase to sleep on.  Cotton causes frizz from the friction.  I try my best to get my hair in a pineapple on top of my head at night, but my hair is a little short, so I do the best I can.  There were a few tried and fails with head wraps and bonnets over the weekend.  I will stick with the pillowcase for now.

Before, I would never wear my curly hair a 2nd day.  Today I worked out and then styled my hair with water and conditioner.  I don’t think it looks too bad for 2nd day hair.  I am sure tomorrow for 3rd day hair it will be in a ponytail.


I did come across this blog post about the curly girl method and it really helped as well.

They say the curly girl method takes time for your hair to get used to.  I am very excited to see what my curls can do!  I will post more in detail as I go along in this new process.

Make it a great day!



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