BBS Shake

As you know I love my protein shakes in the morning after my workout.  I make them right before I leave for work and drink it on the drive in.  I normally have the shake 30-40 minutes after I am done working out which is perfect timing.

I have decided to try to cut some peanut butter from my diet.  I love peanut butter to the moon and back.  I am not cutting it out entirely, just trying to take out a serving or two a day.  Some days I have A LOT of peanut butter.

I thought I would try something different with my shake.  I started making banana, blueberry, spinach shakes.  It is not the same as a chunky monkey, but it still gets the job done.

I like to do whatever I can in advance to make less hassle in the mornings.  I prep my smoothie mix on Sundays, so I just have to grab a bag and add powder.


For this shake I have:  banana, blueberries and spinach in the freezer bag.  I put my milk in first, then the frozen items.  I add some flax-seed and my protein and then blend.


I don’t use ice because my frozen banana will make it cold and thicken it up for me.


Make it a great day!



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