Curly hair update

I have been doing the Curly hair method for a couple of weeks now.  I do think my hair is getting healthier and less frizzy.  I also believe it is a mindset as well.  I needed to embrace my curls instead of not liking them.

I have only been washing my hair twice a week and either wetting down and restyling with conditioner or co-washing the other days.

They say not to touch your hair while wet as it causes frizz.  That was very hard to get used to, but after a week or so it is not an issue anymore.

With this process, I let my hair completely dry, then scrunch to break the gel cast.  This normally takes about 4 hours or so for my hair to dry.

Here is my hair when it is dry before I scrunch.  The curls are in the hard gel cast at this stage.


After I scrunch, I do get more body to the curl.


I do think my curls are looking better these days and I am happy I finally found a way to take care of the curl and am able to enjoy my natural hair.

Make it a great day!




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