Helping others

Every so often I feel the need to give back to the community.  I feel the urge to help others in some way.

I have started to bake again, and am wanting to find somewhere to donate my extra cupcakes.  Sometimes I will send them to Paul’s work, or I will bring them to my work.  You can only do that so often.  I just threw out a dozen cupcakes.  That was after I brought some to Paul’s work.  I wish I had somewhere else to give them to.

I started looking online at local churches and charities to see if anyone will take baked goods.  There is the issue these days of baked goods vs store bought food.  With all the allergies and food safety these days a lot of places will not take baked goods.

It then shifted into homeless and family table websites.  A few statistics I ran into:

  1. On any night, more than 6000 youth are homeless and on their own
  2. 1 in 10 Minnesotans experience food insecurity on a regular basis
  3. One of the local churches has a family table 2 times a month and feeds between 170-200 people.
  4. Every $1 donated to the local food bank can provide 3 meals

It breaks my heart to think of so many people so close to home that do not have a roof over their head or don’t know if they will have a meal to eat today.

I first thought to bring cupcakes to one of the family table meals as a cupcake can always make someone smile.  But then I wondered if the sugar is a good idea if that is someone’s only meal for the day.  I may contact the Salvation Army and see what their thoughts are.  I don’t even know if they would be able to accept the home baked cupcakes.

I will continue to pray and ask for guidance in what the best way will be for me to give back.

Do you have a certain charity that you like to give to?  Or do you like to volunteer your time for a certain cause?

Make today great,


ACBC food shelf

Epiphany Church

Hope 4 Youth MN

Salvation Army


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