Thoughts of the future

I have been thinking this past week about the future.  Do we need to change daycares so Alex has a preschool program?  What kindergarten will he attend?  Will we stay in the public school system, or do we go the private route?  I know I have years before this, but it was on my mind.

I learned that there is testing that needs to be done before he is 4 for kindergarten readiness.  To see what he needs to improve on during that next year before he starts.  I feel like there is so much that he could learn and accomplish within that year without the testing.  Is it really necessary?  Do they stop being kids and playing all the time by 4?

Paul went to a catholic school for elementary school, then changed to public school for the remaining years.  I have always been in public schools.  We are members at the local catholic church, but attend an Assembly of God church instead.  As much as I want Alex to have a good faith-based childhood, do I fully think the catholic school is the way to go?  I then started looking at the local school he would attend for kindergarten.  First of all, how do you make that schedule work?  Do we alter our work schedules to see him on and off the bus?  What if I get stuck in traffic and don’t make it home in time for the bus?  Do we do the before and after care?  I heard there is a waiting list for that program.  Who knew there was a waiting list?!  The website stated breakfast is at 9am and lunch is at 12:30.  That is 1.5 hours later than he eats now.  My first thought is he can’t wait that long for lunch.  I had to stop myself, that is YEARS from now.

Yesterday I was reading a friend’s old blog post and realized the day will come when Alex will no longer want to hang out with mommy.  Right now he is my best friend.  We do everything together.  I even took him downstairs last night with me when I washed my face.  How does one handle that?  How do you cope with the fact that your child grows up and wants to play with the neighborhood kids instead of you?  When he wants to stay outside all day long and you have to remind him to come home for dinner.

Some days I will hug him out of the blue.  I need to soak up these moments and lock them away in the memory bank.  5 or 10 years down the road I will no longer be able to smother him in hugs.

So many thoughts running through my mind about the future and the boy he will grow up to be.  It is time to let those thoughts go and live in the present moment.  That time will come and when it does, Paul and I will learn as we go. But for now I will continue to smother my baby boy with hugs and kisses while he giggles in delight.

Make it a great day,



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