Runner series 04/23/17

It is official.  I have started running again.  I have started running lately on the treadmill, but have been doing sprints.  I have not logged any miles in a long time.

I signed up for a 10k for July.  I have felt the need to do a race lately.  This will give me more than just a 5k, but not enough training to suck up all my time.  It is perfect for my needs at this point in my life.

I came down with a cold the end of the week.  I still completed my T25 workouts, but was planning on taking two rest days this weekend. Then nap time hit Saturday and I decided to try to sweat out the sickness.  Somehow I was able to complete Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred and then did 3 miles on the treadmill after.  I started out slow on the treadmill, then kept increasing my speed every song or two.  It was a great workout, but I sure was tired by the time I hit the 3rd mile.

Sunday has become my rest day.  I have started to meal prep during nap time.  I think I caught the runner bug, because I decided to hit the treadmill again on Sunday.  For this run I took it easy.  I tried to keep at an easy pace which was hard at times.  I wanted to increase speed, but I stayed consistent.  For these kind of runs I like to put on an album (not a fast playlist) and just cruise to the music.  I am that runner who jams to the music while running.  I may have even put up my hands a few times.  Good thing I was in my basement with the curtains closed.  I have Dierks Bentley and Matchbox Twenty to thank for my 4 mile run on Sunday.

No matter what I do for workouts, I always come back to running.  It is very therapeutic for me.  I hope to one day share my love for running with Alex.

Make it a great day,



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