Runner series 05/08/17

I used to run all the time.  I would run if I had a bad day.  I would run if I had a good day.  I would run if the sun was shining.  I would run just to run.

I didn’t workout while I was pregnant in 2015.  I was exhausted in the beginning, and then decided to take a break for a while.  I didn’t run in 2016.  I was breastfeeding and it was easier to do low impact workouts instead.

2017:  The beginning I would do HIIT treadmill training for a month or so.  I would only run for max 20 minutes.  The last two weeks I have decided to run again and began steady state running.  I have run 2 times outside with the jogger.

Saturday I decided to wake up early and go for a solo run.  It was cold, but I loved it!  I had a good pace and it felt good.  I knew I would run faster outside than on the treadmill.  I also went 4.5 miles.  The longest I have gone so far was only 4, so not that big of a difference.

I also thought it would be a good idea to make a HIIT workout video during nap time on Saturday.

Sunday, I got shin splints.  Lovely.

So, I didn’t really know how today’s workout was going to go.  I thought I would try to run through the pain, but keep the speed a little slower.  I did end up doing 2.5 miles today.  During the run I could feel it, but it wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow will definitely have to be a rest day for my legs and I will do upper body instead.  I am not one to stop due to pain/injury.  Especially if I just got back into running.  I do need to remember it has been a long time since I have really ran and I need to ease into it slowly.

Make it a great day,



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