T-shirts for the boys

I ordered HTV (heat transfer vinyl) from a local company, Crafter’s Corner.  I previously have used the Cricut brand HTV from Joanns.

I was very impressed.  First, it was only $7.49 per sheet.  The sheet was 15×36 inches.  That is twice the size as the Cricut brand and for half the price.  Shipping was a flat rate of $5 and it was delivered within two days of me placing my order.

It does seem like good quality vinyl as well.  I will be ordering from them for all my future vinyl needs.

Paul brews beer.  He has named his line Hoptopia.  I made him a shirt previously and every so often he talks about how I should make him a bunch more shirts as those are the only shirts he wants to wear outside of work.

I wanted to do the logo in green this time.  I ordered the fluorescent green.  I saved the image from last time, so everything was ready to go.

It did go on very nice and held up well in the wash.


(sorry for the lighting in the picture.  You can get a better idea of the green in the frog picture below)

I have a ton of green leftover, so I decided to make a shirt for Alex as well.  There are only so many things you can do with green.  I went with a frog.  I will continue to make him shirts till he gets old enough and doesn’t want to wear the shirts from mom anymore.


Make it a great day,



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