Vinyl home decor

This weekend was a busy weekend for my Silhouette cutter.  The previous post shows the shirts that I made.  Now we will look at the signs I made this weekend.

The first were measuring cups for our kitchen cupboard.  I will admit I do not always remember my conversions.  And there have been times I have had to stop baking and google to find the conversion.  I made a vinyl decal for my baking cupboard.


I made a sign that I am thinking of giving to Paul’s parents.  The original intent was for Christmas, but that is a long time away.  It may be a “just because” gift.  We will see.  I made the decal, then bought the clips from Wal-Mart and attached them with wood glue.  Paul put a loop wire on top to hang.


The third is for my mom.  She has started hiking and really likes it.  I thought she would like this sign.  I will have Paul put a wall mount on the back so she can hang it on her wall.


The last is for Alex’s room.  We did his nursery in teal, charcoal grey with white trim.  I have looked at these signs since I was pregnant.  It was fairly simple to design in the studio, I just had to figure out the placement and colors.  I put mod podge on the canvas first to help the vinyl stick better.  It was a little more difficult getting the vinyl on as there is nothing behind the back on the canvas to press on.


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