Vinyl shirt projects

I had Friday off due to no daycare, so Alex and I had a nice 3 day weekend.  I received more vinyl last week in the mail and decided to make a couple more projects on my days off.  I made some shirts and signs this weekend.  First we will look at the shirts.

The first one was Paul’s idea.  It is a dinosaur that wraps around to the back.  I have never done a design like this before.  The decal was listed as a project in the Silhouette design studio.  I have an older machine, so I could only make the dinosaur so big without having to make two transfers and piece together.  I layed the shirt out in half with the seams in the middle.  Then, pressed on with the iron.  I am still in the learning phase of working with heat transfer vinyl.

The second shirt for Alex was to use more of the fluorescent green that I have.  This was another design in the design studio.  I did it before I went for a run Friday morning.  The nice thing with these designs is it doesn’t take long at all.  All I had to do was resize and cut.  It only took about 5 minutes total to make this one.


The next were two tank tops for me.  I bought the tanks at Wal-Mart for $5.  They are very comfortable!  The first is to match Paul’s Hoptopia shirt.  I do not have a picture of the back, but I put three hops going down.  These were hard to iron on as the seams were so close together and I couldn’t get a good press down on the design.

The second was a design from the design studio.  I have liked this design for a while.


The nice thing that I like about the design studio is you can buy a single image.  Most are around .99.  You can also create your own design as well.

Stay tuned for the second post with the signs that I created this weekend.

Make today great,




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