First day of school sign

My birthday is this Sunday.  Paul bought me a new silhouette cameo 3!  I am beyond excited.  I already had vinyl ordered for this sign, so I thought I would make it this morning.


Paul cut a 2×2 board into 4 pieces and painted with black chalkboard paint.  I let them dry for a full day before adding the vinyl.  I wanted to use chalkboard paint for this sign, so it could be used for many years.


With the old machine I had to manually load the paper myself, so I never knew exactly where the first cut would be, or if it would be slightly off.  The new one loads itself.  It is very nice.  I had all 5 colors of vinyl on my mat and hit cut one time.  It is very nice to know where the cuts will be exactly.  It was faster cutting out the vinyl.

I ran into a couple of issues, but were user error.  The machine is very nice to work with.

I was running out of time this morning, so I packed it up and headed to work.  I leave early for work so I don’t get stuck in traffic.  I finished the sign before I started work.


I think it turned out well.  Everything is saved, so going forward this sign will be a lot easier to make in the future.


Make today great,




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