After workout Tabata HIIT

A month  ago I decided to sign up for a half marathon for this coming May.  I have always followed Hal Higdon’s training programs.  I started doing his 12 week program, which I was already a week behind.

Needless to say, running has been the main focus lately.  I am doing 2 shorter runs during the week and one long run on the weekends.  I have been lazy lately and not always working out on the other days during the week.

Today I decided to change it up.  I am going to try to lift weights Monday and Wednesdays and will run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

I found an upper body workout that was posted here previously.  After I thought I would do a little HIIT to get my heart pumping at the end.

Set your Tabata timer for 40 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.

Jumping Jacks


Quick Feet



Make it a great day!



Springfest 5k

This weekend was race day.  This was my first race since I became pregnant.

The race was at our local church for their spring event/carnival.  There were less than 50 people who ran.  I have never been in such a small race before.  Paul normally comes with, and he had to work, so it was just me.  I got there early, so I had an hour to sit around before the race.

It was cold, around 43 degrees, and there was rain throughout the race.  It sure was cold. I debated not going due to the weather and being by myself.  I told myself this may happen from time to time now with Alex.  I may have to find someone to watch him and go by myself now for races.

I went.  I ran.  I finished.

I finished in 29:20.  I thought that was a good time all things considered.  It felt like a good race and I am glad to have that one under my belt.

I do think I would like to do that one again in the future.  It was kind of nice not to have so many people in the race, gave me some room to move and keep my pace.

Make it a great day,


Yoga Fusion

Today I took a break from running and did Yoga Fusion from Revelation Wellness.

I am not the biggest fan of Yoga.  I try it every so often.  I have not done yoga fusion before.

I was surprised at how much of a workout this one was and I was dripping in sweat at one point.  It did keep me engaged and the time went by pretty fast.

I also did notice that I was sitting up straight in the car driving to work this morning.  Normally I am slouched and relaxed in the car.

I will hold onto this workout and keep putting it in rotation.

Make it a great day,


Runner Series 05/16/17

This weekend was Mother’s Day.  Paul and Alex bought me a new running watch.  I got a Moto 360 sport.  I am very excited!  I have wanted a watch that has GPS and that can track my pace as I am in the middle of a run.

Saturday I went for a run.  I decided to go longer than planned.  I didn’t know how far and fast I went till I went to Map My Run to log the workout.  I no longer have to wait for that.  It will tell me on the watch.

I am hoping come race day it will also help me keep a slower pace in the beginning instead of starting too fast.

This week is race week!  I have a 5k run on Saturday.

I ran 3 miles this morning.  I listened to Mom Struggling Well podcast this morning.  I am used to music, but this does help the time go by while I am on the treadmill.

Make it a great day,


Runner series 05/08/17

I used to run all the time.  I would run if I had a bad day.  I would run if I had a good day.  I would run if the sun was shining.  I would run just to run.

I didn’t workout while I was pregnant in 2015.  I was exhausted in the beginning, and then decided to take a break for a while.  I didn’t run in 2016.  I was breastfeeding and it was easier to do low impact workouts instead.

2017:  The beginning I would do HIIT treadmill training for a month or so.  I would only run for max 20 minutes.  The last two weeks I have decided to run again and began steady state running.  I have run 2 times outside with the jogger.

Saturday I decided to wake up early and go for a solo run.  It was cold, but I loved it!  I had a good pace and it felt good.  I knew I would run faster outside than on the treadmill.  I also went 4.5 miles.  The longest I have gone so far was only 4, so not that big of a difference.

I also thought it would be a good idea to make a HIIT workout video during nap time on Saturday.

Sunday, I got shin splints.  Lovely.

So, I didn’t really know how today’s workout was going to go.  I thought I would try to run through the pain, but keep the speed a little slower.  I did end up doing 2.5 miles today.  During the run I could feel it, but it wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow will definitely have to be a rest day for my legs and I will do upper body instead.  I am not one to stop due to pain/injury.  Especially if I just got back into running.  I do need to remember it has been a long time since I have really ran and I need to ease into it slowly.

Make it a great day,


Runner Series 05/04/17

Yesterday was a nice day outside.  The sun was shining when I got off work.  All the way to daycare I made a plan how I would have Paul feed Alex dinner and watch him while I went out for a glorious 4 mile run.  Paul is not home often during the week so I thought I would take advantage of a nice day and go for a solo run.

As soon as we got home, Alex was moody and clingy for me.  So, all my plans went out the window as I didn’t want to leave a cranky and crying baby with Paul just so I could go have fun outside by myself.

There will be other days.

Since I did not run 4 miles last night, I did it this morning on the treadmill.  It was hard to stay motivated to finish all 4 miles, but I hung in there.  Once again, my music saved the day.  My MP3 did end up dying with .1 mile to go.  Thank goodness it lasted as long as it did, or I probably would have given up a lot sooner today.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 75 degrees out,  I think I will save my run for after work and take Alex in the jogger again.

Make it a great day,


Runner Series 04/27/17

Today’s run was 3.5 miles on the treadmill.  I am not a fan at all of treadmill running, but it has to be done.  It is dark out at 4:45 am when I start my run, so I stay indoors.  It is also chilly in the mornings, and I don’t feel like dealing with the cold at this time.

Running is more mental than physical.  You need to train your mind for the longer miles just as much as you need to train your legs.

Treadmill running is worse for this.  Think about it.  You could go out for a 6 mile run.  You could have a bad run (we all have them) and want to be done.  You can’t be done running if you are 3 miles from home.  But if you are on the treadmill and want to be done with 3 miles to go, all you have to do is step off.  It takes so much more to stay motivated and focused on the machine.  You don’t have Mother Nature to distract you.  You are constantly starting at the time.  And for me, I am thinking about how much time I have left before I have to get ready for work.  So, here is my fix for the time.  Put on an album, today was Taylor Swift’s Red.  Put something over the display on the treadmill and just run.  I sometimes count songs to guesstimate where I am at for time.  Or I say two more songs then I will check the time etc.  Or if you are at the gym, find something to watch on the tv.  The previous gym I went to had the tv build into the treadmill which was nice.  I had to train for a half marathon on that treadmill, so it was nice to find a movie on Saturday mornings to zone out to.  I could never hear it, but I would turn on the closed caption and still listen to my music.

The best advice for running is find what works for you.  What works for me, may not work for you.  Do you run before work, or after?  Do you eat something before, or take a gel pack?  We are all different, but the outcome is the same.  The great feeling you have of accomplishing your run for the day, no matter what the mileage was.

Make it a great day,