PVPP method for wood sign

I tried the PVPP (paint, vinyl, paint, peel) on a wood sign this time.  As I was looking into it, I found two different ways for the end.  The first is to peel the vinyl when the paint is wet, and the second is to peel when the paint has dried.  I thought I would do a quick test run to see if I could see a difference or if I preferred a certain way over the other.

I found both worked pretty well for me.  For me, I decided I would peel when it was mostly dry, to avoid unwanted smudging of the paint.


I followed Melissa’s tutorial for the method.  It is pretty basic.  Paint your board the color you want the letters to be.  For my sign, that was white.  Two coats worked for me.

I cut out my words with my silhouette and attached them to the board with clear contact paper.  Then I painted over the letters with white again.  This is to help the color not to bleed.


Once that is dry, then paint the whole board your base color, for me that was orange.  If you want a full color look, I would recommend two coats.  I only did one coat here as I wanted it to be imperfect.


Here is where you would either peel the vinyl right away or wait till it was dry to peel.  I waited 20 minutes when it was almost dry and peeled the vinyl off.


The next morning when it was fully dried, I took a piece of sand paper and lightly sanded the whole board.  You can also put a layer of sealer on at this time as well.


It really is pretty easy, just has multiple steps.  Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

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First day of school sign

My birthday is this Sunday.  Paul bought me a new silhouette cameo 3!  I am beyond excited.  I already had vinyl ordered for this sign, so I thought I would make it this morning.


Paul cut a 2×2 board into 4 pieces and painted with black chalkboard paint.  I let them dry for a full day before adding the vinyl.  I wanted to use chalkboard paint for this sign, so it could be used for many years.


With the old machine I had to manually load the paper myself, so I never knew exactly where the first cut would be, or if it would be slightly off.  The new one loads itself.  It is very nice.  I had all 5 colors of vinyl on my mat and hit cut one time.  It is very nice to know where the cuts will be exactly.  It was faster cutting out the vinyl.

I ran into a couple of issues, but were user error.  The machine is very nice to work with.

I was running out of time this morning, so I packed it up and headed to work.  I leave early for work so I don’t get stuck in traffic.  I finished the sign before I started work.


I think it turned out well.  Everything is saved, so going forward this sign will be a lot easier to make in the future.


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Vinyl home decor

This weekend was a busy weekend for my Silhouette cutter.  The previous post shows the shirts that I made.  Now we will look at the signs I made this weekend.

The first were measuring cups for our kitchen cupboard.  I will admit I do not always remember my conversions.  And there have been times I have had to stop baking and google to find the conversion.  I made a vinyl decal for my baking cupboard.


I made a sign that I am thinking of giving to Paul’s parents.  The original intent was for Christmas, but that is a long time away.  It may be a “just because” gift.  We will see.  I made the decal, then bought the clips from Wal-Mart and attached them with wood glue.  Paul put a loop wire on top to hang.


The third is for my mom.  She has started hiking and really likes it.  I thought she would like this sign.  I will have Paul put a wall mount on the back so she can hang it on her wall.


The last is for Alex’s room.  We did his nursery in teal, charcoal grey with white trim.  I have looked at these signs since I was pregnant.  It was fairly simple to design in the studio, I just had to figure out the placement and colors.  I put mod podge on the canvas first to help the vinyl stick better.  It was a little more difficult getting the vinyl on as there is nothing behind the back on the canvas to press on.


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Vinyl shirt projects

I had Friday off due to no daycare, so Alex and I had a nice 3 day weekend.  I received more vinyl last week in the mail and decided to make a couple more projects on my days off.  I made some shirts and signs this weekend.  First we will look at the shirts.

The first one was Paul’s idea.  It is a dinosaur that wraps around to the back.  I have never done a design like this before.  The decal was listed as a project in the Silhouette design studio.  I have an older machine, so I could only make the dinosaur so big without having to make two transfers and piece together.  I layed the shirt out in half with the seams in the middle.  Then, pressed on with the iron.  I am still in the learning phase of working with heat transfer vinyl.

The second shirt for Alex was to use more of the fluorescent green that I have.  This was another design in the design studio.  I did it before I went for a run Friday morning.  The nice thing with these designs is it doesn’t take long at all.  All I had to do was resize and cut.  It only took about 5 minutes total to make this one.


The next were two tank tops for me.  I bought the tanks at Wal-Mart for $5.  They are very comfortable!  The first is to match Paul’s Hoptopia shirt.  I do not have a picture of the back, but I put three hops going down.  These were hard to iron on as the seams were so close together and I couldn’t get a good press down on the design.

The second was a design from the design studio.  I have liked this design for a while.


The nice thing that I like about the design studio is you can buy a single image.  Most are around .99.  You can also create your own design as well.

Stay tuned for the second post with the signs that I created this weekend.

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Growth Chart Ruler

I have looked at the growth charts for a year now.  I finally got around to making one.

Paul had an extra board that I used.  He sanded and stained the board for me.

I used white oracle 651 vinyl.  I used the silhouette design studio to create the markings and numbers.

I have used Cricut transfer paper before, but recently came across regular contact paper (clear shelf liner). I think it works better for transfers.  It is not super sticky so you are not fighting the vinyl as well.  Plus, it is a lot cheaper than the transfer paper.

Once everything was cut and ready to go, it only took a couple minutes to attach the vinyl.  I did measure the board to have it sit above the baseboard.  Make sure you know where you are going to hang this, so you can make your measurements accordingly.


Make it a great day,


T-shirts for the boys

I ordered HTV (heat transfer vinyl) from a local company, Crafter’s Corner.  I previously have used the Cricut brand HTV from Joanns.

I was very impressed.  First, it was only $7.49 per sheet.  The sheet was 15×36 inches.  That is twice the size as the Cricut brand and for half the price.  Shipping was a flat rate of $5 and it was delivered within two days of me placing my order.

It does seem like good quality vinyl as well.  I will be ordering from them for all my future vinyl needs.

Paul brews beer.  He has named his line Hoptopia.  I made him a shirt previously and every so often he talks about how I should make him a bunch more shirts as those are the only shirts he wants to wear outside of work.

I wanted to do the logo in green this time.  I ordered the fluorescent green.  I saved the image from last time, so everything was ready to go.

It did go on very nice and held up well in the wash.


(sorry for the lighting in the picture.  You can get a better idea of the green in the frog picture below)

I have a ton of green leftover, so I decided to make a shirt for Alex as well.  There are only so many things you can do with green.  I went with a frog.  I will continue to make him shirts till he gets old enough and doesn’t want to wear the shirts from mom anymore.


Make it a great day,


L&D hospital bill

Having a baby is such an exciting time.  Your emotions are all over the place and you can’t wait to meet and hold your precious baby.

No one talks about the bills you are about to get in the mail.

While I was pregnant I called my insurance to make sure my doctor and the hospital would be in network.  She went over my benefits and stated I had a $4000 deductible.  From the conversation, I took it that labor and delivery would cost us $4000.

I then realized that I would actually have to pay our out-of-pocket max which was $6000.  That was a little harder to swallow.

Then, at the very end it hit me.  Yes, I would have to pay the out-of-pocket max, but not for just me.  Our baby would also have bills from L&D, so we would in fact have to pay the family out of pocket max of $8000.  Now that was a shock to the system.

How is one supposed to pay $8k when they just had a baby and are not working.  I thought we may get a little break and have a month or two before the bills came in.  Nope.  We received our first bill within the first week of coming home.

I received a lump sum for my 6 week leave at the beginning of my maternity leave.  When I went back to work, I had to get back on the payroll cycle, so I went just under two months without another paycheck.  I also had to make a payment plan with my employer on how to pay back my insurance premiums from when I was gone.  So, for the first three checks my checks were less due to insurance on top of the higher bi-weekly premium now coming out for three people.

I was making monthly payments, but the hospital threatened to send me to collections if I didn’t comply.  I talked to several people and it saddens me with how unfriendly and unwilling they are to work with patients.  I was never late and was making monthly payments, but they still treated me like I was uncompliant.  How was I not complying, I was making on time payments every month!  I had three options:  1.  make monthly payments of $450.  That wasn’t going to happen.   I was back to work and now had to figure out how to pay $640 in daycare a month.  2. Qualify for financial assistance.  We made too much.  3. Go on Medcredit for monthly payments with interest.  I thought you couldn’t charge interest on medical.  We had no choice, had to go on Medcredit.  The interest on a $6500 bill was a lot!  My smaller payments were not making a dent as it was paying the interest every month.  I took some money and paid a portion of it just to get the interest manageable.  This is how people go bankrupt from medical, you can never pay down your balance as you are just paying the interest every month.

This past November I switched jobs that included a better health plan and bump in salary.  I used the extra money to start making big payments.  I realized that making one payment a month would not work for paying down the bill.  So, every paycheck I started making payments.  I do believe this is why we were able to pay down the bill a lot faster and this morning I made our last hospital payment!  $8000 in 18 months.  That was exhausting and mentally draining.  I am so very happy to not have this over our heads anymore.


Make it a great day,