Like most people at the beginning of the year I was all about a life planner.  I made a planner (that I never used) and for the first time created goals for myself.  I have never been a goal setter.  I always would have liked to set goals, but never did.  I would say I didn’t know what kind of goals to set for fitness, or couldn’t make up my mind etc.

While I was knee-deep in the life planner I created a list of goals for myself for 2017.  I wrote down 3 goals on 01-05-17.  I don’t know if I printed it off and put somewhere.  I don’t think I have looked at it since maybe 01-10-17.  This is one reason I am not good at goal setting.  I forgot all about my goals for the year shortly after making them.

I came across the list today and realized I crushed all three goals!!

  1. Donate cookies to church – At the beginning of the month I gave our pastor a set of Halloween cookies for Pastor appreciation month.FB_IMG_1506889822402
    1. Look into bake sale for No Kid Hungry – I had a Facebook bake sale during Easter and raised $90 for No Kid Hungry.IMG_0039
  2. Practice cookie decorating, would like to be able to go to Cookie Con 2019 **this goes hand in hand with donating to church.  Can donate my practice cookies – I have been decorating more throughout the year and want to continue to get better.  I have tried some new techniques and I keep Cookie Con Sept 2018 in the back of my mind.IMG_0162

What a great feeling it is to know I was working towards my goals even if I didn’t remember.  I guess cookie decorating is becoming more and more of who I am and what I love to do.

There are two spots left on the sheet.  I wonder if I can think of two more goals for 2017 and complete them before the year is done.

Make it a great day,



Don’t let anything hold you back

I used to bake for other people.  I would make cakes, cupcakes, cake pops etc. for family and friends for their special occasions.  I did it for a few years.  I stopped around the time of our wedding.  I started back up for a while, but it was not for long.

It has been a few years since I have baked for other people now.  For a while I was taking a break.  I needed to enjoy decorating instead of having to do it.

Then came Alex.  It was too hard to bake with a new baby who was nursing.  I have baked some in the past year, but most of it has been before he wakes up or after I put him to bed.

I have been thinking of starting to take orders again for a while.  I have been thinking of starting with cupcakes.  It is the easiest to do with a toddler at your feet.  I made my decision a week ago to start again, but could not bring myself to post it to make it official. IMG_0131

I listened to Bearfoot Baker’s podcast today when she spoke with Callye from Sweet Sugarbelle.  Callye talked about not letting something negative stop you.  It really made me think.

As decorators we put our heart and soul into our creations for people.  That is what makes it so rewarding when we give our baked goods to someone.  But, it is also hard as we strive to put a smile on someone’s face.  I am my biggest critic and see every little flaw when someone else sees an adorable cupcake.  Also, every time I worry what if someone won’t like what I have made for them.  Rejection stings like a bee.

I think this is what has made me pause.  What if I don’t get one order for cupcakes.  What if they don’t like my cupcakes.   How do I deliver cupcakes with Alex in tow?  It is all these what ifs and unknowns that has stopped me in my tracks.  Wouldn’t it be easier not to bake for anyone.  I wouldn’t have to go down this road.


But: What if they love my cupcakes and keep ordering from me.  What if every time I deliver, I see the smiles of happy customers.  What if I can help a little boy or girl have a wonderful cupcake for their birthday.


I cannot let the negative or unknown freeze me in time.  I will miss out on all the good life has to offer.   Many people have stated all the good comes from what they were afraid of the most.  If I don’t try, I will never know.  I will never be able to brighten someone’s day with a cupcake and sprinkles.

IMG_0147-1 (1)

It’s time to give it to God and try again.  I have done this before, I can do it again.  And knowing I can make people smile with my cupcakes will be all the reward I need.

Make it a great day,


Oreo Cupcake

My neighbor’s birthday is today.  I thought I would make her some cupcakes to help celebrate her special day.

I haven’t made Oreo cupcakes in a long time, so I thought I would make a batch.  I used my go to chocolate cupcake recipe.

I broke some cookies into pieces and placed them in the baking cups before pouring in the batter.


I finely crushed some additional cookies with a rolling pin in a bag.  I mixed them into my buttercream and piped on the frosting.


Add a piece of cookie, and voila!  Sweet deliciousness.


Make it a great day,