Jewelry making

I have found a new hobby.  My husband is going to ban me from entering any store that has crafts in them.

I have always walked by the jewelry section thinking the beads they have are always so pretty and fun.  I decided to look into it and see how it goes.

I first tried a bracelet with stretch cord.  That entailed stringing beads on and then tying knots in the cord.  Then I used clear nail polish as a glue to hold the knots together.  That was it.  Super fast and easy.


I then tried using wire with a toggle clasp.  I first bought some random wire at Wal-Mart.  It kinked a lot!  I was having a hard time and was ready to give up and never make wire jewelry ever again.  I did some reasearch on the wire and found one that was the world of difference.  It moved freely and making loops to go into the crimp beads was a breeze!


Here is how I made the bracelet:

I was at my kitchen counter, so I used a towel to keep the beads from rolling everywhere.


I took one end of the wire and attached one of the toggle clasps.  I used a small crimp bead to secure it on.


Then, I started stringing my beads.


I found this charm at Michaels.


I then finished stringing the rest of my beads.


Once everything was on it was time to attach the other toggle clasp.  I put on a crimp bead then the clasp.  I looped the wire back through the crimp bead and through the first bead.  Once the wire was pulled through to the correct length, I cut the excess wire.  Then I used my pliers to secure the crimp bead.  It was a little more, and there were mistakes made, but I am happy with it.  I can’t wait to see what else I can come up with the wide variety of beads out there.


Make it a great day,



Halloween treat bags

We have recently changed daycares.  I am surprised at how well Alex has adjusted to the new setting.  With him being shy around new people we thought there would be some transition time.  But, he has proved us wrong.  From day one it seems as if he has been going there the whole time.  It is such a big relief as making the decision was very hard for us to make.  We knew he would benefit from the new place for the preschool aspect.

Halloween is the next week so I thought it would be fun to give his new friends a treat.  I found a printable from here  It was such an easy craft to make.  We will send them to daycare on Halloween.  I will also bring a couple to his friends in the neighborhood.


Put five pumpkins in a snack bag and staple the tag to the top.  That’s it!

There are so many different printables out there for you to choose from.  If you don’t get a lot of trick or treaters this would be a good idea as well.  I would recommend using the wrapped candy if you are going to pass out to the kids as parents wouldn’t feel comfortable giving the pumpkins to their kids if they didn’t know you.

Make it a great day,


Hosting a sign party with my Silhouette

I have wanted to host a sign party for a while.  I didn’t know the best way to go about it, so I never did it.  I decided to just dive in and go for it.

I don’t have much room and wanted to keep it small, so I limited the group to 4 ladies.  Everyone did the same design, so it was easier on me for getting things ready.

I cut the stencil on Oracle 631 and weeded the design beforehand for the girls.  I had cut a piece of contact transfer paper for them as well.


I made sure everyone had their own weeding tool, scraper, paint etc.  I was able to set up the table the day before.  It was very helpful to be able to do it this way so I wasn’t rushing at the last-minute.


I had the ladies apply the transfer paper and put the design on their pre-stained boards.  Then they peeled the transfer off and burnished to the wood.


We applied one coat of chalk paint with a makeup sponge then waited 20 minutes.  I had food and wine for us to snack on while we waited.   I had them apply the second coat.  Then we peeled the vinyl right away while the paint was still wet.


Overall, it went really well.  We did have difficulty with the vinyl not wanting to peel off.  I since bought new Oracle 631 and it works like a charm.  I am looking forward to hosting my next sign party!

Make it a great day,




DIY Glitter Ornaments

Christmas is coming!!  I thought I would give the glitter ornaments a try.

I use polycrylic instead of pledge.  I have read that the floor cleaner will run when stored in a warm place.  I want the ornaments to last as long as possible, so I went with poly.


I bought the flat ornaments from Hobby Lobby.


First, pour the poly into a cup.  This makes pouring into the glass ornament a lot easier.  You can also use a funnel to pour.


Then, start to turn the ornament so the poly covers everywhere.  Slowly work your way to the opening, making sure you get the opening covered as well.


Pour the remaining poly into the cup.


I have a second cup on standby.  At this point place the ornament upside down over the new cup.  I let it continue to drip for 8 minutes.


Get your glitter ready while you are waiting.  I found it easiest for me to pour the glitter into the cup.


Then I made a funnel out of a sheet of paper.


When your 8 minutes are up, pour the glitter into the ornament using the funnel.  Do the same with the glitter as you did with the poly, slowly turning so everything is coated.  Pour the excess glitter back into the cup.


You are done!  I let mine air out and fully dry before putting the top back on.


If you have stickers or vinyl you can attach it.  I like to put my vinyl on after I glitter.


Make it a great day,


Home sign

I made my first outdoor sign.  I created the design in the silhouette design studio and then cut out the letters onto contact paper.  I am only working with a 12×12 mat at the moment, so I cut out the letters and had to measure and place them manually on the board.  I painted the top of the board with black chalkboard paint and let it dry all day.  I cut everything out and taped it down to see how it would all look before starting to apply the stencil.


I used clear contact paper as my transfer paper.


Then, using the hinge method, I attached the stencil to the wood.


Once everything was placed, I painted over all the letters with black to prevent bleeding.  I let that dry for about 20 minutes.


I proceeded with painting the whole board white.  I did two coats with 20 minute dry time in between coats.


After I was done painting, I started to peel the contact paper letters off.  I did this when the paint was still fairly wet.  Just be careful not to smudge the wet paint.

At the end I used polyurethane as a sealer to protect the wood.


I am really happy with how my first sign turned out and am loving the PVPP method for painting.



Make it a great day,


Paint wood sign with a stencil

Yesterday I thought I would try to paint a wood sign again using contact paper as a stencil.  I wanted to compare the technique and outcome with the PVPP that I just did.

Paul painted the whole board white for me a few days ago, so there was no worrying about dry time.

I used the silhouette to cut the stencil.  I like using contact paper since it is a lot cheaper than vinyl.

I put the stencil on the board and made sure everything was flat and had good contact, no bubbles or spots where the contact paper was sticking up.

I only did one coat of paint, waited about 10 minutes and then peeled the stencil off while the paint was still a little wet.

I did notice I had some bleeding and the letters were not as crisp as the PVPP method.  It was the same brand paint that I used for both pieces.


I will keep trying.  Practice makes perfect, but this morning I am leaning towards liking the PVPP method better.  And I did prep a board this morning to start a new sign.  Stay tuned!

Make it a great day,



PVPP method for wood sign

I tried the PVPP (paint, vinyl, paint, peel) on a wood sign this time.  As I was looking into it, I found two different ways for the end.  The first is to peel the vinyl when the paint is wet, and the second is to peel when the paint has dried.  I thought I would do a quick test run to see if I could see a difference or if I preferred a certain way over the other.

I found both worked pretty well for me.  For me, I decided I would peel when it was mostly dry, to avoid unwanted smudging of the paint.


I followed Melissa’s tutorial for the method.  It is pretty basic.  Paint your board the color you want the letters to be.  For my sign, that was white.  Two coats worked for me.

I cut out my words with my silhouette and attached them to the board with clear contact paper.  Then I painted over the letters with white again.  This is to help the color not to bleed.


Once that is dry, then paint the whole board your base color, for me that was orange.  If you want a full color look, I would recommend two coats.  I only did one coat here as I wanted it to be imperfect.


Here is where you would either peel the vinyl right away or wait till it was dry to peel.  I waited 20 minutes when it was almost dry and peeled the vinyl off.


The next morning when it was fully dried, I took a piece of sand paper and lightly sanded the whole board.  You can also put a layer of sealer on at this time as well.


It really is pretty easy, just has multiple steps.  Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Make it a great day,