Vinyl shirt projects

I had Friday off due to no daycare, so Alex and I had a nice 3 day weekend.  I received more vinyl last week in the mail and decided to make a couple more projects on my days off.  I made some shirts and signs this weekend.  First we will look at the shirts.

The first one was Paul’s idea.  It is a dinosaur that wraps around to the back.  I have never done a design like this before.  The decal was listed as a project in the Silhouette design studio.  I have an older machine, so I could only make the dinosaur so big without having to make two transfers and piece together.  I layed the shirt out in half with the seams in the middle.  Then, pressed on with the iron.  I am still in the learning phase of working with heat transfer vinyl.

The second shirt for Alex was to use more of the fluorescent green that I have.  This was another design in the design studio.  I did it before I went for a run Friday morning.  The nice thing with these designs is it doesn’t take long at all.  All I had to do was resize and cut.  It only took about 5 minutes total to make this one.


The next were two tank tops for me.  I bought the tanks at Wal-Mart for $5.  They are very comfortable!  The first is to match Paul’s Hoptopia shirt.  I do not have a picture of the back, but I put three hops going down.  These were hard to iron on as the seams were so close together and I couldn’t get a good press down on the design.

The second was a design from the design studio.  I have liked this design for a while.


The nice thing that I like about the design studio is you can buy a single image.  Most are around .99.  You can also create your own design as well.

Stay tuned for the second post with the signs that I created this weekend.

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T-shirts for the boys

I ordered HTV (heat transfer vinyl) from a local company, Crafter’s Corner.  I previously have used the Cricut brand HTV from Joanns.

I was very impressed.  First, it was only $7.49 per sheet.  The sheet was 15×36 inches.  That is twice the size as the Cricut brand and for half the price.  Shipping was a flat rate of $5 and it was delivered within two days of me placing my order.

It does seem like good quality vinyl as well.  I will be ordering from them for all my future vinyl needs.

Paul brews beer.  He has named his line Hoptopia.  I made him a shirt previously and every so often he talks about how I should make him a bunch more shirts as those are the only shirts he wants to wear outside of work.

I wanted to do the logo in green this time.  I ordered the fluorescent green.  I saved the image from last time, so everything was ready to go.

It did go on very nice and held up well in the wash.


(sorry for the lighting in the picture.  You can get a better idea of the green in the frog picture below)

I have a ton of green leftover, so I decided to make a shirt for Alex as well.  There are only so many things you can do with green.  I went with a frog.  I will continue to make him shirts till he gets old enough and doesn’t want to wear the shirts from mom anymore.


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How to apply vinyl on t-shirts

I borrowed my mom’s older version Silhouette machine.


It hooks up to your computer.  They have an online design store that you can link to your software for buying and creating designs.  There are many more features on the newer ones, but this one still does what I need it to do, cut vinyl.  Mother’s Day is right around the corner, maybe my boys will surprise me with the new one.  Ever since I started, I want to put vinyl on everything!

You can use this with multiple machines that have the flip/mirror image feature.  Most of the newer Silhouette, Cricut etc machines will work.

Create your design in the studio.  It took me a minute to figure out the design studio, but I am liking it more and more.  There are so many YouTube videos to help you navigate.  Plus, I have emailed the support team at Silhouette for a question and they got back to me right away.  When you are done with your image make sure you flip the image.  It needs to be backwards when you cut it to come out right on your fabric.


Today I made another t-shirt for Alex.  I bought a plain cotton shirt from Wal-Mart.  I had a roll of white HTV (heat transfer vinyl) already to use.


I cut out a piece to fit the mat.  You want to make sure the transfer side is down, shiny side.  Load the mat into your machine.  Change your print settings.  The program has a setting for heat transfer vinyl already programmed.


*I always do a test print on regular paper first to make sure it will print correctly and fit my item how I want.  Scratch paper is a lot cheaper than vinyl.  Also, for the first time cutting with vinyl: do a test cut as well.  You want the machine to cut the vinyl but not the transfer film.

Once it is cut, peel away the vinyl that will not be used.  I have a weeding tool that helps this process.  Especially if you have several small pieces that you are trying to get off.


Here is the transfer ready to go.


Iron your fabric first to warm up.


Place the transfer vinyl down.  I use a flour towel between the transfer and iron.  Iron for about 15-30 seconds.  You can test to see if it is done by pulling up a little on the transfer.  If it comes off without any pull from the vinyl it is good to go.  If there is a spot that sticks, put the transfer back down and put more heat on it till it is set.


Once it is done, I flip the fabric over and iron the back for a quick 15 seconds or so.

And you are done!


Read your instructions on the vinyl.  Do your test runs.  I have wasted plenty of vinyl in the beginning, but once you get it down it goes pretty quick.

If you remember, wash the t-shirt inside out and air dry.  I tend to throw Alex’s shirts in the dryer and they stay intact.

Make it a great day,